Andiamo by Venjakob

Andiamo by Venjakob

Horizontal Elements, Lacquer-Finished Surfaces, Open and Appealing.

Andiamo is a furniture range that brings together design and functionality! Broad horizontal elements, like flap doors and drawers, add a statement to the room. Open compartments provide plenty of space for decorative pieces and your very own personal ideas. Whether matt lacquer, simply the finest timber or contrasting wooden veneer and lacquered surfaces, light, dark or cleverly combined – with Venjakob, you get all the options.

Distinction, Presence, A Statement in Any Room.

Captivating features amid perfect lacquered fronts: style-defining, the distinctive compartments open at the side give Andiamo its typical aura. If preferred, the interior surfaces can be lacquer-finished. This is where the glazed front and side sections give you an option that's particularly unique. This makes small cherished objects look twice as delightful.

Available to order - Please visit our showroom or call 01506 829447 for more information.

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 Andiamo by Venjakob

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