Fama is one of the top brands setting trends and leading the way in the world of furniture and interiors. No matter your space, your lifestyle and the way you dress, you will find a Fama model that suits you!

The main features Fama are famous for are trend, distinction, design, quality, comfort, and of course, innovation! With fantastic chairs such as the Moon, Lenny, Romeo and Kim plus a superb array of sofas and corners such as the Calisto, MyApple and the Urban, Fama are constantly moving forwards with great ideas and combinations which you will want to have at home.

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Kim Swivel & Recliner Chair by Fama
Kim is a recliner with an exquisite design, visually light and amazingly comfortable. Its curved shapes make it an original and attractive design that can be combined with any sofa or corner style. Its seat and footrest in one piece contribute to its great comfort. It is available as a manual or motorised recliner but always swivels.
£919.00 Now from £845.00
Venus Swivel & Recliner Chair by Fama
The round shape of the arms on the Venus gives a special touch to this recliner that besides offering incredible comfort, offers us the possibility to orient it inside the room thanks to its swivel base. The seat, back and arm cushions have removable covers. It is available as a manual recliner without lever, and now also motorised.
£849.00 Now from £779.00

Josephine Sofa by Fama
Josephine is an elegant sofa with an outstanding design. Inspired by the classic typology of sofa with buttons in the back, but with a much more updated language, the result is just spectacular. It is decorated with lots of scatter cushions of different shapes and sizes which allow us to create interesting fabric combinations. Its curves make it special, as nice from the front as from the back. The large seat cushion provides great comfort, either using it with the scatter cushions or without them.
£2,265.00 Now £1,859.00
Lenny Swivel & Rocking Chair by Fama
Lenny is perhaps Fama's most iconic design, a clever combination of concave and convex curves that create a unique and unrepeatable armchair. Its fibre seat and back cushions offer incredible comfort. The base is a swivel and rocking mechanism. The round footstool is the perfect accessory to make Lenny an amazingly comfortable piece.
£1,059.00 Now from £869.00

Lenny Swivel Stool by Fama
The Lenny round footstool by Fama is the perfect accessory to make Lenny chair an amazingly comfortable piece. The Lenny stool can be customised to suit any personality, with a fantastic choice of leathers and fabrics available.
£449.00 Now from £369.00
Moon Swivel & Recliner Chair by Fama
Moon attracts at first sight, but you love it once you try it. A concept of recliner different from everything else. Its wide measures offer us the possibility of finding a great variety of very comfortable positions, lying up, on one side, embracing the cushion, etc. In addition, the mechanism is reclining, swivel and rocking. Moon is the ideal piece where moms can enjoy the best moments with their new-born babies.
£1,415.00 Now from £1,159.00

Moonrise Swivel & Recliner Chair by Fama
15 years after creating one of Fama's most important icons, the Moon recliner, they thought it was about time to update it. Looking at the design of the Moon chair, no one could imagine that their bestselling model of all time is now 15 years old. Therefore, there was not much Fama could change to enhance a model that has not become old-fashioned at all. They have only made minor changes aimed at improving its incredible comfort: a new headrest and the footrest joined to the seat, have achieved what seemed almost impossible: beating the comfort of Moon. Moonrise is born, a model that will live together with the classic Moon recliner.
£1,599.00 Now from £1,315.00
Moonrise XL Swivel & Recliner Chair by Fama
Fama love creating compact sofas or large armchairs. Moonrise XL is the result of this, a special piece designed for those couples who love each other and like to enjoy their relaxing moments together. It is a new typology of recliner for two people, a unique, great and charming piece. The reclining system works with remote control and can be stopped in different positions. This model has two independent adjustable headrests.
£1,855.00 Now from £1,525.00

MyApple by Fama
MyApple is neither an armchair nor a sofa or a chaise longue - It is a special piece, inspired by the loveseats of the last century but adapted to present times. It may look large, but it is actually a compact piece, ideal for small apartments.
£1,699.00 Now from £1,395.00
MyCuore by Fama
MyCuore is a special piece ideal for small apartments. It was born as an evolution of model MyApple with more compact measures, based on the idea of a You&Me to share times in couple. The result is a spectacular piece, the perfect place for that people who don`t settle for the usual.
£1,445.00 Now from £1,189.00

MyNest by Fama
A new concept of an armchair with generous dimensions that we can enjoy on our own or with our partner. A "nest" to enjoy at home and disconnect from the world. Ideal for reading, writing, working with our laptop or tablet, etc. Now also, thanks to its Bluetooth device and integrated speakers, it becomes a special place where we can listen to all the music from our Smartphone or tablet. In addition, MyNest hides a pleasant surprise, a throw hidden under the back cushion, extra functionality to enjoy our armchair. Please Note: Stool displayed is sold separately
£1,159.00 Now from £949.00
Romeo Swivel & Rocking Chair by FamaRomeo Swivel & Rocking Chair by Fama
Romeo Swivel & Rocking Chair by Fama
With its attractive design of curved shapes, Romeo is a very comfortable large size armchair. It was born from the Lenny model, but with a somewhat more masculine style. It is equipped with a chromed swivel and rocking base. It combines perfectly with any model of sofa or corner unit.
£919.00 Now from £845.00

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