Founded over 20 years ago, Malini combines a distinctive design sensibility and unrivalled manufacturing expertise to create unique cushions, throws and bedspreads that make any room more beautiful. Print, colour and embellishment are creatively combined to capture the essence of the key trends each season, and their breadth of offer is unmatched. Whether you are looking for sophisticated neutrals, luxurious texture, striking prints or delicate embroidery, Manlini will always have something you will love.

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Belissimo Cushion
Add a touch of sparkle to your sofa with this beautiful grey patterned cushion from Malini
£27.00 Now £23.00
Bette Cushion
Gold embroidery and geometric patterns combine to bring a sophisticated touch of shine to your chair or sofa.
£33.00 Now £28.00

Capri Copper Cushion
Elegant metallic circle motifs decorate this high quality cotton cushion, perfect for a touch of luxury for your sofa.
£27.00 Now £23.00
Cezanne Ocean Cushion
Felted appliqu? triangles and a linear design make this Malini Cezanne cushion , with it's splash of colour, really stand out.
£42.00 Now £35.00

Cressida Scarlet Cushion
Felt pleated applique gives texture and a geometric detail to this Malini Cressida cushion.
£35.00 Now £29.00
Dasher Bronze Cushion
Striking floral stag head applique, makes this cushion the ideal choice for a stand out interior.
£28.00 Now £23.00

Dasher Purple Cushion
A striking purple stag head cushion. Perfect for the colder months to add warmth to any room.
£28.00 Now £23.00
Dasher Red Cushion
A striking red stag head cushion. Perfect for the colder months to add warmth to any room.
£28.00 Now £23.00

Dorado Cushion
This simply elegant monchrome chevron cushion, will add a graphic modern touch to your chair.
£18.00 Now £15.00
Eastwood Cushion
This textural Malini cushion combines a classic monochrome colour scheme of black and white with a zig zig pattern.
£18.00 Now £15.00

Flapper Green Cushion
A bold and elegant art deco inspired cushion.
£30.00 Now £25.00
Flutter Blue Cushion
An elegant metallic butterfly features on this soft velvet cushion, perfect for a touch of luxury for your sofa.
£20.00 Now £17.00

Freya Cushion
Both stylish and fun at the same time, this frayed cushion from Malini would look great in your living room or bedroom
£25.00 Now £21.00
Heffalumps Cushion
This fun breezy Malini cushion features sweet silver foil elephants marching across a soft grey velvet cushion.
£25.00 Now £21.00

Highland Cushion
Sophisticated classic check cushion, with a lovely soft handle, to bring a touch of tradition to your room.
£20.00 Now £17.00
Home Cushion
Rectangular applique cushion on a felt ground makes a cute addition to a cosy room.
£27.00 Now £23.00

Iris Cushion
This beautiful black and gold cushion will make a statement on any sofa.
£42.00 Now £35.00
Lazer Emerald Cushion
A beautiful abstract gold foil print on a green cotton base.
£30.00 Now £25.00

Mini Stride Cushion
This gorgeous Malini cushion has lots of elegant gold leaping deer embroidered on a mid grey ground
£25.00 Now £21.00
Moroccan Cushion
Gilt medallions decorate this Moroccan inspired Malini Velvet cushion. Perfect for an exotic touch to your room.
£25.00 Now £21.00

Mr Fox Cushion
A beautiful herringbone tweed cushion complete with a cheeky Mr Fox.
£24.00 Now £20.00
New Thistle Cushion
This tartan Malini cushion features a thistle motif in shades of heather and cream.?
£18.00 Now £15.00

Nishma Cushion
Glowing purple feathers embroidered beautifully on this dark grey cushion, makes a wonderful focal point on your sofa.
£32.00 Now £27.00
Odell Cushion
This scatter cushion features a stylised Scandinavian-style tree pattern, embroidered on a blue-grey palette
£34.00 Now £29.00

Ombre Cushion
Felted origami style rectangular cushion, featuring graduated bands of greys.
£33.00 Now £28.00
Paisley Cushion
Gorgeous metallic paisley Malini cushion in the softest black velvet to add an exotic touch.
£23.00 Now £19.00

Riley Cushion
This cushion features a cute scottie dog appliqued in black velvet on tartan, with a lovely spotty collar.
£20.00 Now £17.00
Samark and Indigo Cushion
Tribal inspired Malini geometric cushions, make a striking focal point on a chair or sofa.
£24.00 Now £20.00

Shaila Cushion
Neutral high quality canvas cushion featuring stylised all over embroidery of green leaves, perfect for an elegant living room
£33.00 Now £28.00
Shaila Green Cushion
Neutral high quality canvas cushion featuring stylised all over embroidery of small green leaves, perfect for an elegant living room.
£33.00 Now £28.00

Stardust Cushion
Dramatic, black and gold geometric print cushion.
£27.00 Now £23.00
Swahili Cushion
This elegant tribal print of black and white lines and dashes on a stylish Malini cushion is set off beautifully by the tassel trim.
£19.00 Now £16.00

Treepine Cushion
Sculptural gold foil tree print on luxurious emerald velvet decorates this rich Malini cushion.
£18.00 Now £15.00
Velveteen Cushion
The sumptuous Malini Velveteen cushions (50 x 50cm) will make a lovely addition to your living room setting!
£29.00 Now £23.00

Zante Emerald Cushion
A beautiful diamont print cushion with highlights of gold foil.
£30.00 Now £25.00
Zora Cushion
Sophisticated patterned jacquard cushion, in a versatile silver.
£20.00 Now £17.00