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ET634 Dining Table by VenjakobET634 Dining Table by Venjakob
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ET634 Dining Table by Venjakob
The ET634 Dining Table from Venjakob is made to measure in 10cm steps with an optional crossway folding leaf (65cm or 100cm). There is a fantastic array of finishes to choose from with a stainless steel bottom plate.Dimensions:W120 x D90 x H75cmW130 x D90 x H75cmW140 x D90 x H75cmW150 x D90 x H75cmW160 x D90 x H75cmW170 x D90 x H75cmW180 x D90 x H75cmW190 x D90 x H75cmW200 x D90 x H75cmW210 x D90 x H75cmW220 x D90 x H75cmW120 x D100 x H75cmW130 x D100 x H75cmW140 x D100 x H75cmW150 x D100 x H75cmW160 x D100 x H75cmW170 x D100 x H75cmW180 x D100 x H75cmW190 x D100 x H75cmW200 x D100 x H75cmW210 x D100 x H75cmW220 x D100 x H75cm